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Given the pandemic situation, for the year 2020-2021, the children’s choir course is replaced by a semi-private singing course for children (2 to 4 students).

Also available: English and French (second language) courses for children and adults (private, semi-private and small groups).

Tutorings :  English, mathematics (primary), francization.

Theatre classes: See website:


For children of 6 years and less, we strongly recommended to follow the initiation program before learning an instrument. Our group programs are in French, but the teacher is bilingual and she translate if it is needed.

Muscial Exploration
3 years old

Musical Initiation
2 groups : 4 years od and 5-6 years old
We follow theJocelyne Laberge method.

Recorder Initiation
7 to 9 years old
The Jocelyne Laberge program is a dynamic way to teach music, adapted to young kids. This program is now used by hundreds of teachers throughout the  province.
With this program, the entire body moves, making the children learning how to read music and having fun at the same time. They jump on a big scale, do  gymnastics to  rhythms, sings and more...  The complete method has two books (40 songs). Each note has a color. The children learn to play music xylophone and other little percussion instruments.

Actor's School

Brigitte Rivet, director of the School, is also an artistic agent for children, specialized with television, movies and advertisements.

Since 2008, Theater and Playing for Camera class have been  offered at the Music School. Our classes are in French but we could  offers groups in English if you have enough students interested.

For more information, see the web site :

French Lessons

English and French lesson (as a second language) are offered : private or  semi-private, for children and adults.These have been very popular over the years as they combine movement, theatre, crafts and conversation in order to acquire the language effortlessly!

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