The registration is good for the complete school year, (36 weeks) We are closed for Labour Day  (1st Monday in September), two weeks at Christmas, during winter break in March, and the week-end of Easter (4 days).
We also offer a session during the Summer.
We take the registration anytime during the year (if the teacher still has availabilities in their schedules).

Registration for 2019-2020 Scholar Year

Students enrolled in 2019-20 or Summer 2020:
Wednesday 19 August 2020 from 4pm to 8pm (no appointment)
(From 8 August by appointment)

New Students:
26-27-28 August 16:00 to 20:00 (no appointment)
20-21-24-25 August by appointment


$25 registration (annual)

Cost per lesson:

Note: There are no taxes on music classes.

Semi-private singing (for children 7-10 years):

2 children - 30 minutes

3 or 4 children - 45 minutes


Semi-private musical initiation (4-6 years):

2 children - 30 minutes

3 or 4 children - 45 minutes


Private lessons (musical instruments and vocals):

30 minutes - $25
45 minutes - $35
60 minutes - $45

Private language courses and tutoring:
(taxes included)
45 minutes - $30
60 minutes - $40 children or $45 adults

Semi-private language courses and tutoring (2 or 3 students at a time):
(per person, taxes included)
45 minutes - $20
60 minutes - $26

Other Information

Photocopying fee : 0,10$ per sheet

Equipment necessary :
Musical Inititation : xylophone and 2 books (about 125$ for the year).
Private music Lesson :
Methods to buy, expect about 30$ the first year.
You must possess the instrument you are studying in order to
to practice at home. We rent guitars, violins and keyboards.

Language classes, tutoring : Workbook (approximately $15)

Taxes :
Music classes are tax-exempt. On the other hand, French and English courses are taxable, volumes and musical instruments as well as tickets for shows.

Payment terms

We do not accept credit or debit cards (cheques and cash only).

Upon registration, the payment for the year must be paid in full. However, it is possible to divide the payment by remitting 2, 4 or 9 post-dated cheques.