Photo credit : Stéphane Senez

Brigitte Rivet


Brigitte Rivet was born in StJean sur Richelieu. She began recorder lessons at 7 years old and the piano at 10. She attended the Jocelyne Laberge School of Music in St Jean for over 10 years!

While working towards her General Art degree, she  was awarded the ‘’Laureat II’ ranking at the prestigious Vincent d’Indy Music School and subsequently went on to complete a music degree from the University of Montreal. In 1996, she decided to open her own music school in Napierville. Working under the title of affliated teacher with the Vincent d’Indy Music School, she later won two awards recognizing the quality of her piano teaching! She now runs her two music and acting schools and has most recently, begun teaching music in local public schools.

Photo credit : Chantale Laforest

Francine Bergeron

(Piano Instructor)

Fully bilingual, Francine is originally from Montreal. She began piano lessons at 13 years old and continued her training all the way up to obtaining a diploma from the  renowned Vincent d’Indy School of Music. She has over 25 years of teaching experience and has been an employee of the Jocelyne Laberge School of Music since 2002.

Photo credit : Chantale Laforest

Martin Caron

(Piano Instructor)

A native of Rimouski, Martin began piano at 6 years old. Beween the ages of 9 and 23, he won several Canadian music competitions. He later  went to obtain  his Master’s degree from the University of Montreal. For several years following this, he acted as official accompanist at the Pierre Laporte School of Music  and Hull Conservatory.He has made several records including one with his sister Josée, also an accomplished pianist. He continues to work as an accompanist for several ballet schools and has taught for the BR Music Schools since 2002.

Photo credit : Ana Chang

Élyse Lamanque-Girard

(Piano and flute teacher)

Hailing from Chateauguay under the auspices of  a music teacher mother, Elyse began piano and recorder lessons early on and has been mastering the two  instruments from that time on. She has just finished her Music Degree and will be beginning her Master’s in the same field this fall! She has been teaching at the Jocelyne Laberge Music School since 2009.

Photo credit : Chantale Laforest

Rébecca Walker

(English and French as a Second Language Teacher)

Fully bilingual, Rebecca is from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience, including, recently, 4 years at Berlitz, a top Canadian provider of language courses. After obtaining her BA in French Literature from the University of Winnipeg, she taught one year in as an assistant in a high school in France, an experience she describes as life-changing. Back in Canada, she pursued her high school teaching degree at the Collège de St Boniface and taught French Immersion in Manitoba before moving to Quebec where she obtained her TESL (Teaching English as a Second Langage) Certificate from McGill. She loves substituting when the work is available but her true love is teaching French to adults and having fun  and games teaching English to young children.

Photo credit : Denis Chartier

Martin Plante

(Drums teacher)

Born in  Lac-Megantic, M began learning the drums at 12 years old. At 17, he performed in  his first public show! He has taken part in several composition groups, done recordings for movies and has even formed his own jazz trio, along with being  the main drummer for various local  shows and events. Martin completed his College degree in Sherbrooke and went on to complete a Music degree in Jazz Interpretation from the University of Sherbrooke. Also, since 2010, has has been teaching in diverse music schools and summer camp programs in the region. In 2014, he was the  winner of the ‘’Groove Essential’’competition, run by musician Tommy Igoe. He tells us he  feels extremely privileged  to be able to pass on his passion and knowledge of the drums to others, young and old.

Photo credit : Chantale Laforest

Amélia-Ann Landreville

(Violin and Cello Teacher)

Originally from Yamachiche, Amélia Ann Landreville was introduced to music at a very early age through her mother. A self- taught musician, she was the violinist for several ethnic music groups from age 20 on. She then travelled throughout Europe, settling in Britanny for 3 years where she refined her skills through  writing,recording and playing in concerts for local artists as well as studying and teaching. Once back in Canada, she met the violon virtuoso Mr. Sevadijan, with whom she would go on to study for 8 years. She also started two bands  and continues to play for Irish dancers. She collaborated with the band’’La Chicane’’ on their first album. In 1997, she received a bursury from the Quebec Consul of Arts enabling her to broaden her musical career. In the early 2000’s, she successfully recorded her first album. She became acquainted with  Brigitte Rivet in 2007 and thus began a long collaboration that continues to this day. She tells us that her subsequent mastery of the cello has not only enriched the  courses she provides but also the performances given at the Jocelyne Laberge Music School.

Photo credit : Chantale Laforest

Martin Egan

(Guitar teacher)

Born in the city of Quebec, M began the guitar at the age of 14. In addition to having started his Master’s degree, he holds a Degree in Popular Music Studies from UQAM. Martin’s experience is outstanding: he has worked as a guitarist, producer, conductor and composer for several concerts and tv shows, including the  Cirque de Soleil (Quidam), Ginette Reno, Joanne Blouin, DLavoie  and also on the variety show ‘’Ad Lib’’. He has been teaching at the Jocelyne Laberge Music School since 2007.

Photo credit : Olga Ivanova

Kamilya Agoshkova


Kamilya was born in Kazakhstan into a family of musicians. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Russian. She began singing at the early age of 18 months and the piano at 4 and a half years old. Her first  music instructors were her two parents, both musicians themselves.

She holds a doctorate in Music Instruction from the  National Conservatory of Alamty(Kazakhstan)and a Bachelor’s in Classical Voice   Training from the University of Montreal.

She has been teaching music since 1994 and has taught in Kazakhstan, Ecquator and Canada. She has been a part of our teaching team since 2015.

Photo credit : Ghyslaine Payant

Saya Nakano

(Piano, éveil musical, initiation à la musique et matières théoriques)

Saya speaks French, English, Japanese and a bit of German.

Her initiation to music dates to  elementary school in Japan where her  first instrument was the recorder. At high school  she joined a baroque music ensemble. She also plays the flute and the violin but her main instrument is the piano.

After having studied and worked in  landscaping for several years, Saya went on to obtain her Bachelor of Music from the University of Sherbrooke.

She has given private piano lessons since 2011.

She also taught in a music school in Sherbrooke during her university studies. After completing her degree she  moved to Montreal where she joined the teaching team in 2016.